a poem: I will not suffer in silence

1 min readJul 7, 2021


There’s a certain sector in my life that believes I am not free. Today, I’m here to tell everyone, I am free.

I am matured. I am born.

I am free to share my life; as I lived it, see it, remember it. My memories are mine. My experiences are mine. My pain is mine. My happiness is mine.

It’s funny, the same people that judge me for being quiet; are the same ones that want to silence and shame me for sharing things, my things. It’s like they prefer I suffer in silence, alone, in misery.

I’m not sorry if my life makes you uncomfortable. I will not suffer alone. I will suffer on the outside, and I will heal loudly.

I am born.

I am damaged.

I am healed.

Most importantly,

I am free.

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